I Love Gardening

Gardening is a passion which I grew up with. My garden is just like my little paradise. It have an invisible barrier which separates it from this world. Whenever I enter this humble paradise of mine, all worries will be left outside the barrier. The only bad thing is whenever I walked out of it, the worries will stick back to me again.

A gardener who lives with 5 cats who runs free in the garden is not an easy task though. I made two flowerbeds yesterday. Today, as I woke up, one of it has turned into my cat’s toilet. Another flowerbed was not spared too – it was  full with those little bastard’s footprints. What a mess!

Recently I took up Bermuda Grass planting project in my garden. To my delight, the seeds germinated in just 3 days. I aimed to carpet my garden with this grass. Hope I live long enough to see this day. *finger crossed* Haha! Oh, now I recalled that someone has make a booking to roll on my carpet grass.

This is also the first time I worked in my garden since my operation. Neglected for almost 2 years, most of my beloved roses had died. Those surviving ones were in ICU, under my close observation day and night. In my coming trip to Kuching, I decided to visit Malesiana Tropical, a firm which cultivates cloned pitcher plant for sale. I will also be visiting a rose garden, to stock in some nice variety of roses. Wish me luck then – hope I am not going to burn a hole in my pocket.

To all enthusiast gardeners out there, wish you happy gardening!


March 5, 2010 at 10:19 am 3 comments

No Trafic Light = No Traffic Jam ?

The flood mitigation project in Upper Lanang could be one of the messiest project in Sibu. Bus stops were stripped off and road turned from 2 lanes into single lane at certain critical area. It could not be more irritating when the project took off in a scattered manner and the progress of work was slow.

This week, they are digging at the main junction which we use to turn in to our office premise. The digging had caused all traffic lights to died out. A noble discovery was unearthed then- the routine traffic jam had vanished. The long queue which always happen between 7.45am – 8.05am had gone for good. Cars from all FIVE directions moved forward based on opportunities and how bold the drivers are.

This raised the question of how effective is the traffic light system in this area. Will we end up better without one?

March 4, 2010 at 10:33 am 1 comment

White Tiger Roars in 2010

The White Tiger roars.

15 days of Chinese New Year celebration ended yesterday. I love this year’s Chinese New Year celebration. I simply enjoy myself to the fullest and leave all work and worries behind. Yes, that’s the reason, if you asked me.

On the way back from Sunday mass in Sacred Heart Cathedral yesterday, my dad and I were stuck in a traffic jam for about half an hour. The Chap Goh Mei parade route bypassed the road we used. We were lucky because we’re on motorbike. We drove till the front and enjoyed the parade. I pity those who drove car and stuck behind the jam. They  missed the show and wasted half an hour’s time for nothing.

The parade. Interesting and spooky parade. I must say that it looked like a Halloween parade to me. All the Chinese deities were ‘present’. Tua Pek Kong, Kwang Kung, Kwan Yin, The Eight Deities (Crossing The Sea), The Beggar, and lots more. You also get to see live performance how they struck though the big long needle like iron across their cheek.

Interesting but nothing was more interesting than to see a young lady, who was enjoying the parade, held a rosary and a camera at the same time. I came out with 2 presumptions. First, she worried that she might be possessed or accidentally caught the photo of devil. By holding a rosary in her hand, she will be safe from the wandering evil spirits.

Second, she could had thought that a combined rosary-camera will enable her to snap some supernatural photo of the ‘deities’. Nonetheless, it was quite a smart move. I must do the same too next time. I can’t sleep well last night after I went back from the parade. Could be some devil followed me back and disturbed me while I was sleeping.

The rich-in-culture parade triggered something in my mind – 1 Malaysia. As far as I remember, even  the strongest bond of 2 become 1 are sometimes ended up with divorce. The 5 become 1 is similarly as fragile. Why then, someone want to come out with this lame idea of making all of us ONE? Won’t it better leave us along, let us get along well with each other, Cina sama Melayu sama India same Iban same kaum-kaum lain and at the same time get rid of all Alongs? LAME LAME LAME.

We all all unique. The only oneness we can be is to live together harmoniously. But then hoh, the politician dogs just can’t leave all the races in peace. They love to inflict hate among us, so that they can be like the penjajah British, manipulate and control all of us for their own benefit.

Oh, by the way, I feel that Sarikei No. 1 is doing even a better job than any of them. My first encounter with him was when I was in a bus, on the way from Sibu to Sarikei. He was wearing a red batik and a hat. On his hat, it is written ‘No. 1’. People called him Sarikei No. 1.

You would be surprised when you heard him complaint about how the town’s development was slack behind, the drain was clogged, and his suggestions to develop the town. Many other Number Ones, just like Sarikei No. 1, lauded how they want to develop Sarawak (or any town or city) and how they want to help the people here. Talk was intense before election but died soon after election. At least Sarikei No. 1 is far better than the other Number Ones, at least he do not inflict hate among the races nor waste tax payer’s money. Oh, by the way, I hope Malaysia No. 1’s tea break with his Facebook fans are not going to use our tax payers money.  🙂

White Tiger roars again.

I feel that Malaysia had changed a lot. When I was still young, I feel safe living in this country. We went along well with our friends from different ethnics and races. When something bad happened, we feel safe to dial 999. We believed that court is a place of justice and jail is a place for bad people.

Today, these values had eroded away.

People died in police custody. When your four wheel drive was stolen, you have to buy it back from the syndicate.  Sometimes our Ah Sir become the middle man! Walau! While you are waiting for decades for the country to give you your Mycard, you saw the dark skinned people from the islands nearby Sabah get their free Mycard during election time. You read in news how the court decisions were masterminded. You read in news how the states owned by oppositions were purposely denied of their rights.

You see how the ingenious people inside Sarawak and Sabah are so easily manipulated (They are not stupid but they are also not clever. They are just cheated) . You see how EC spend tax payers money to buy the ink for election which they never used. You see how they ‘fly in’ the ridiculous votes from unknown source to help their cronies to win the election. You read in news how they play around with the ‘sodomize’ thingy. The list goes on.

White Tiger continues to roar. ROAARRRR~

March 1, 2010 at 11:57 am 4 comments

Love and Hate

“I might ended up hating you”, she said.

“Isn’t that good? If you’re going to hate me, it will happen sooner or later. The trip will help you to know me faster”, I replied.

“I read that couples always ended up quarreling and broke up after return from an oversea holiday trip”.

“Are you sure? Hmmm…”.


What kind of love is that if it is really that fragile?

If the theory is true, there will be a party in April 2010. Either a “We loved each other more now” type of party or “Hey, I am free again” type of party.

Darling, are you frightened? Hahahaha~

December 12, 2009 at 6:50 am 2 comments

The Journey Back To The East

The morning was cold.

Using a motorcycle, at 5am, in the chilling temperature, we braved our way from his house in suburb of Sarikei to the King’s Inn in town.

It felt like Sibu 15 years ago. Cold. Very. Along the way I realised that cats in Sarikei are not good pedestrian. Few kitties rested unpeacefully on the road. What a mess.

Six fifteen a.m. and we headed to Sibu by bus. The sun rose slowly from the horizon, right in front of us, above the road. It seemed as if we were heading to the sun.

It was always in front of us. We were chasing and kept chasing it all along the way, though we never get any nearer to it. The distance became further instead.  A journey to the East? Haha!

Sitting at the front seat, I have all the privileged to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. At that moment, that was the most beautiful thing everyone can see. Of course, both the driver and me had the best view of it.

As we moved on, the bus overtook a number of cars and heavy vehicles. At one time, the bus tailed behind an old Honda Civic. A brown, slow and rusty good old car.

At the big rear screen of the car was a little girl in pyjamas. A lovely little girl. She was looking out from the car, as if she was counting the number of the cars which overtook them.

I can see her clearly. Oval face, two beautiful little eyes and short hair.

Resting her head on her both palms, she enjoyed looking at the huge bus following behind them.

Our eyes met. She showed me her both palms. Then she hided her face behind them for a while. Just before the bus overtook them, she showed her face again. And that’s another most beautiful thing which only seen by me. And perhaps the driver too.

I did not know why but looking at her made me felt at peace. The worries and the restless voices in the head had gone quiet. Calm. Silent. The only sound I can hear was the roaring engine of the bus, my own heart beat and the sound of the morning. I feel hope. I feel future. I feel life. It was a magical moment.

A magical moment. Why? Perhaps she reminded me of her. Someone who loved me more than myself do. In this world, there are only two ladies who love me more than myself. One is my mum and another is her. And now I wonder, if she did that too when she was small; looking out from the rear window of the car and communicate with strangers with her own language.

I love you, my dear. ❤

December 11, 2009 at 9:31 am 4 comments

Senior Baby Tooth

“Wow, it is the oldest tooth in my mouth”, I told her excitedly.

“Yes, so you must take good care of it”, she replied.

“Haha. The senior baby tooth”.


I woke up with an itch on my upper left tooth. With a torch light, I looked at the itchy tooth. Obviously there is a small hole on it.

That means I have to break my life time record – my first dentist visit after I left secondary school.

“Did you see the hole on it?”, the dentist asked, giving me a small mirror and show me the hole on my tooth.

“Uhum…”, I replied.

“It is a baby tooth. You still have a baby tooth”.

“Baby tooth…”, I repeated in disbelieve.

“Do I need to remove it, since it had hole in it?”

“We’ll see. We try not to remove it. Otherwise you’ll have one tooth less.”

“Won’t the primary tooth grow out after the baby tooth is removed?”

“No. In certain case, the primary tooth is absent. So the baby tooth remains.”

After few minutes, the drilling starts. I wonder what makes people so anxious when they see a dentist. Is it due to the drilling sensation inside their mouth? Somehow I rather enjoyed it when the dentist is scrapping my teeth with the hook-like tool. Probably that’s how the crocodile feels when it open its mouth for the birds to clean its teeth.

Fifteen minutes and my baby tooth is safe again.

December 9, 2009 at 9:01 am 4 comments



How much can you love someone?

Do you love her just because she is beautiful? Rich?

Will the feeling change when she turns ugly? Or diagnosed with a terminal disease? Will you still willing to love her as you did before?

I love you. A three letter words can be easily uttered by anyone to anybody.

You were just about to say your wow “I will love and cherish you, with all my heart. Honor and respect you, with all my strength. I will remain faithful, in sickness and in health, whether rich or poor, in sorrow and in joy. This I promise, for as long as my life shall last” when the phone rang.

Your family answered and the voice over the phone said “This is Dr. ZYX calling from Hospital DEF. We have urgent news for Mr. Groom to be.”

Your family walked up the church aisle to your side. They whispered that there’s an important call for you.

“Ask them to call back”, you whispered back.

“Its a call from Dr. ZYX. He said its urgent.”

You answered the call.

“I am sorry for disturbing you, Groom-to-be but we had this utmost news for you. We suspected Bride-to-be to have ABC terminal disease. We would like her to come back for a detailed examination.”

You hung up.

You felt as if the room had turned quiet, though in fact everyone is still whispering to each other and the birds still chirping happily outside. Your heart skipped a few beats. Your shoulder felt heavy. Your vision blurred. You wished that this is just a story you read from http://www.raphaelkoh.wordpress.com.

What is the first thing that you will worring about?

And what will you do?

And what if the phone call is for you and the victim is you? Will you stop the marriage for her sake, not to leave her spend another half a century alone after you left?

Will you, still utter the wow?

Will you?


She always tell me “C’est la vie”. Yes my dear, that’s life.

I think I will always say, be it one day, one year, or 100 years, I will still love you. With all my life.

December 2, 2009 at 11:30 am 2 comments

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