Sharing from a friend

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Sharing from a friend

Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory.

Romans 11:36

He had just been diagnosed with a terrible disease. The family members see it as a terrible news. Without faith, they were lost in their troubled heart. Either openly or secretly, tears were the thing that comes out most often from their faces.

Operation was scheduled and members of churches and caring friends kept vigil for him. The dad who was a strong anti-christ was moved by the care and Jesus-like attitude of church members. That was the first glory of God, when the whole heaven rejoices because a lost sheep was found.

Power of prayer was witnessed during his operation and after his operation. Churches, priests and fellow friends prayed for him, which enables him undergo the operation which took about 6 hours. Severe blood lost made him consumed 20 packets of blood during the operation. He was amused by the fact that he had 20 people’s blood inside him, when he was being told about the fact.

According to the priest who anointed him while he was still unconscious in ICU, when ‘Our Father was cited for him in ICU, his weak heart beat miraculously grow stronger and his pale face was started to fill with colours of life. At the other side of the story, he remember that when he was still in the condition of ‘not yet wake up but have an active mind and could remember things’, he heard the prayer ‘Our Father’ was being cited and he follow the sound to pray. He felt peace and comforted after praying, and not long after that ‘he woke up’.

After operation, he undergoes one tremendous suffering; severe headache. Amazingly, during the period, the only thing that came into his mind was how much the pain was if compared to suffering of Christ. As such, he started to stick to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. He felt the love of Christ, whom in order to fulfill the will of His Father, willing to suffer and to die on the cross, and resurrected on the third day.

On the fifth day of his headache, eventually a voice whispered into his head, telling him “Stop bothering about the headache, just wake up, sit up and start to live. Also, no one can take good care of the body except you, so do all that’s necessary to let the body to recover”. So he sit up, not to focus on the pain but to those around him, those who are sick nearby and to pray for them. Yes, it a miracle, the headache starts to fade away since that day.

He was discharged only 2 months after the operation, mainly due to infection in the big scar from the operation. It was swollen, red and discharging body fluid from a small hole nearby the operation scar. Weeks after back to home, in a phone conversation with a friend who’s sister is a friend to a doctor who operated him, he eventually realized that doctors had hidden lots of crucial information from him. The doctor told that her that the growth had reached the malignant state and in desperate, they scrapped each inch of growth they safely scrap could between his nerves and from his sacrum; missing an inch will damage his nerves and he’ll paralyze for life. Yet the only thing he could call recalls in his conversations with doctors was the word benign uttered out from the doctors. Malignant is a new word!

It’s very shocking news. Things were not as easy as he thought, and the battle continues. Gearing up for his battle call, he amour himself with prayers, for no one had control over disease except for Him. That’s the second glory of God, taught him that prayer is not just a repeating of meaningless sentences coming out from mouth but to pray with heart and put all the trust in Him and have confident in Him; for everything happened is because He wants to bring him closer to Him, to discipline him, let him grow up spiritually and above all, to work on His will. The lesson was not taught immediately but it happened after he prayed repeatedly for a period when eventually a voice came into his mind and told him to surrender all to Him. A book presented by a priest while he was in hospital further confirmed him of what the voice said; Essentials of Prayer by E. M. Bounds. Everything happened to fulfill His will and for His glory, which also explains part of the reason why mankind was created.

After all the adventure and thrilling experiences, today, he lives peacefully and patiently to fulfill his days, continues to pray daily, for those who helped or prayed for him before, for those whom he loves and dislikes, for those who yet to love Him or trust Him, and for a happy and joyful departure. He said, “This life is only a temporary probation, because the real life, which is far greater than this has yet to come”. By the way, he was glad that his company only requires six months of probation and his boss is waiting for him to come back to work in October. Amen.

He forwarded his sincere gratitude for those prayed for him, those who ever assisted him and giving him support when he was at the lowest point of life. He especially mentioned of a special new found friend who especially cared about him and showered him with love and hope, and patiently go through the trials with him.


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