Good night…

October 24, 2008 at 4:32 pm Leave a comment

I have 3 cats.

2 of them were skinny lady, and the third one is a chubby playboy who looked like a rabbit. I’m not joking, he really loked like a rabbit due to its size. Fat and round! Glad I wasn’t like him.

Last night I did something out of ordinary. I said goodnight to them. Ah, the feeling is so good. As good as hanging out with my buddy. They just stare back at me with a meaningful look and gave out a sweet meow.

The rabbit guy is close to me. Brought him to vet once, after he met an accident. It got extraordinary energy when it got frightened, scratched the nurse hand and took 3 persons to get hold of it. He’s the honest one too, whenever illegally entered house, he’ll meow to inform you he’s in. If I’m upstairs, he’ll come up to my room, waiting for me outside my room. Sometimes he got impatient too, started to meow and scratch the door.

So I’ll either ignore him, let him enter my room or play hide and seek with him. Only he can’t talk, otherwise we’ll have lots to share with each other. Anyway I have a neighrbour who’s voice is so loud. My concern wasn’t her loud voice, just she talked to her dog very often, and I mistaken she was talking to someone at first. Haha~~~~

Oh, got to go. Wanna to say good morning to them.


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