My Encounter With A New Age Beggar?

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It was another night out with my buddy. The venue was Muhibbah. You’ll know this place if you are a Sibu folk.

‘Drinks, mister?’ asked the middle aged waitress.

‘Coconut please’, I said.

‘How bout you?’, she asked my buddy.

‘Gimme coconut too, young coconuts please’, he replied.

‘Make sure the coconuts are not as old as you…’, he added as soon as the waitress walked a considerable distance from us.

I almost burst my stomach laughing. Never knew he had such a great sense of humor. By the way there was nothing wrong with what he just said. We have the experience being served with extremely aged coconut which tasted exactly like expired coconut before by one of the stall here.

Well, that’s just intro.

After enjoy our dinner cum supper, I ordered kom pia at a nearby stall.

‘Two kom pia, one kosong and one with with meat’, I said to the stall owner.

The boss seemed not believing his ears, replied ‘but kom pia kosong have nothing inside, we just heat it up in oven.’

‘Yup’, I replied.

So I went back to my seat and after a while a man approaching me. Thought he was from the kom pia stall, I turned my head, hoping to see the delicious kom pia. I last tasted them in May. Missed the taste so much~

Unfortunately he was not from any of the stall in the vicinity.

‘Mister, good evening.’

We keep ourself dumb, try to ignore him.

‘I’m not a sales man, I do not try to sell you something. I’m from …charity… we’re all very pity here… no money to cure disease…’, he said.

Seeing some coin and a few ringgit on the table, I took it and gave to him.

‘No sir, as I told you earlier, I’m not trying to sell you something’, he replied.

‘Oh, money also don’t want, so what you want?’, I asked in amusement.

‘Its like this, we sell this Christmas card, one for RM10. Its for charity.. pity these children… You can put your signature onto this card and write the amount you paid for the card’, he replied and put the ‘signature card’ on the table, hoping us to dish out money from our wallet.

Gosh, RM10 for a Christmas card, claimed for charity purpose, I thought. Seems like this charity body is more aggressive than Sibu kidney Foundation, where at least they do sell more than a card for less than RM10.

In doubt, both of us kept quiet. Seeing we pretended to be dummy, he used his ultimate super secret weapon. Nah, now he entered into religion.

‘Sir, its just RM10… God will bless you for being merciful. You’ll be given back more for what you had given today.. blah blah blah… please donate… blah blah blah… just RM10’, he pledged.

Both of us kept quiet again. Its the eerie type of silent, I bet you could hear a pin drop.

5 seconds… 10 seconds… 15 seconds… 30 seconds… Eventually he gave up.

‘Never mind… never mind… never mind,’ he murmured as he walked away, in a very dissatisfied tone. It’s the type of tone which makes you felt the absent of peaceful whenever you heard it.

Was he begging, forcing or seeking volunteer donation? I’m not sure which is which but I doubt his authenticity.

I wondered if he’s one of those new age beggar. Or he’s really working for a unknown charity body. What ever it is, these type of ‘charity body’ seems to be booming like mushroom after rain.

Almost every food outlet is flooded by these type of ‘charity worker’ every night. I just wonder… they’re making better income than my former boss if they can have an average 6 victims per night! Wow, I may consider to start one too. Haha!

‘Did you know an old lady who used to sell delicacies around here before? She also claiming she sell it to support her children who’s father was involved in accident. She’s here all year round and almost begging you to buy. Sometimes if you turn her away she may curse you back’, I asked my buddy.

‘Umm, yup, last saw her here last few months. Didn’t saw her lately’, he replied.

Well well well, now I wonder where the old lady was. I would rather buy from her than this man.


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