Once Upon A Time My Boss

November 3, 2008 at 5:26 pm Leave a comment

At 7.55am this morning I received a call. The number started with 089 and the voice was a west msian’s accent. On first thought, I guess it should be wrong number called and I can hardly catch what he tried to say. Just when I’m about to hang up, I remembered and recalled that was his voice!

That’s him! My former boss whom had retired from the messy, political infested company. He was my second boss in the company.

We catch up about each other and exchanged news. He asked how I was doing, especially my health. He was definitely doing a lot better over there, in one of the prestigious company with hard core damn good employee benefit, where medical, food and transport are being prepared in low cost or free, depends on which level you are.

Everything went back to year 2007. It was not an easy decision then. It was my first job and my existing boss, my first boss, was a young fella. He was a nice guy, take good care of his subs.

However, I felt as I was confined to a small room which I can hardly grow up, no much freedom and motivation to do things in different way and the office was not very constructive then. Probably he was still young and have less experience to handle his subs.

So I switched department. Its the beginning of ‘the-sky-is-my-limit. We had all sorts of task and problems to solve. There was no more suitable way to describe it other than we’re just like on a helicopter over a dense jungle. You saw a crystal clear picture of “why, how and when”.

Being in the most senior position executive in the company and at the age of my father, there was none in the company who was more experience than him in the nature of our business. The ‘spill-over-effect’ of his experience was immense and it seems as if I will never finish learn from him in the next five years.

He seldom instruct on how things were to be done. He just informed that he is always in his office whenever I have questions or problems. Of course, when you pretend to be clever and things went wrong, you can hardly walked out from his office in the next 2 hours. Free lectures I should say, with real life stories/ adventures in between.

Sometimes free lecture also took place whenever he gave me a new task. How things were done in other companies were shared and the common mistake were pointed out beforehand. Well, that will take another 2 hours.

The only problem he faced, and fatal I should say, was office politics. There was nothing pleasant to elaborate about this and the the ending can be summarized as he choose to live happily ever after rather than to put up a foolish and never ending battle.

After retired from the company, just barely one week when he started to enjoy life, offers started to came in. He was head hunted as soon as the news of his ‘retirement’ spread.

It is not easy to have a boss well liked by his employee. I should say maybe he’s the only boss in my company, once upon a time, ever well liked and respected by his subs.

Glad he is having a good time in the new company. Now I’m looking forward to my third boss in the company. I wonder who he/ she may be.


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