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Obama America’s First Black President

Wow, bravo Americans!

Once called as minority race and being sidelined, today Americans ironically choose the black as their leader.

It is a historical and eye opening event. Congratulations to them. Hey how about us?

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Another Emergency Drill

It was 0715 sharp in the morning. Beeping from my cell phone waken me up. With a lazy voice I answered. It was from my buddy.

‘Wait for me there. I’m coming straight away.’ I said before hung up the phone.

I rushed to bathroom, grabbed my toothbrush and tooth paste. There’s no time for combing and shaving. I just simply wet my hair so I won’t look like a beggar when I’m on the street.

When I was inside my car, 15 minutes had passed. My God! I used to take 5 minutes the most to get ready before. That was all the way back in April, the last drill when I woke up a little bit late for work.

He gave me a wide grin when I reached him.

‘So what’s the options we got?’, I asked.

After a brief discussion, he went back to his motorcycle. He will drive to a workshop nearby our office and I will follow from behind. Probably just to ensure not car is going to give him a difficult time? Anyway, if you’re still wondering what had happened, it was his motorcycle’s front tyre had punctured.


This reminded me of the incident about seven years ago.

On one fine evening, I was enjoying a ride on a new residential area. It was located beside the yellow murky Rejang River. For me, its a replacement for seaside in Sibu. The place was windy and its one of the best place to get unwind.

For no reason my bike was punctured there. To walk home was a great damn far business. So I started to filter lists of friend in my brain, looking for a reliable and kind one to help me. And my logic picked her, as the best candidate. Probably she’s a church goers I think.

I was not so close to her but we do exchange a few words every now and then. After a deep consideration, I rang her up, asking if she could give some help.

Both of us were in the unbelievable state. I never thought she’ll come and she never thought I’ll call her for help. Anyway it bridged our friendship. Years had passed and she’s still as reliable as before. I guess that’s what friends meant for.

Today she had both a loving man for husband a lovely doggie for a pet.

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