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In the middle of my Stephen King’s Bags of Bones and sweet song Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel, he called.

‘Are you free tonight?’

‘Yup. Why asking?’

‘Need your help. Hehe…’ He laughed sheepishly.

‘Help? What help?’ That’s weird. He never asked such a formal help.

‘Need you to help out with resume…’

The voice echoed in my mind. Time flies, friends comes and go, and few left footprints in our heart. Butterflies in stomach. Going to have a friend address changed to Far Far Away. Anyway wish him all the best.

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An Afternoon with Quantum Of Solace

It was a hot afternoon. She was early, 25 minutes ahead from our scheduled time. I was still taking bath then.

As soon as I was ready and says goodbye to my cats, we head to my hideout. Being there in one of the weekdays’ afternoon is an extremely rare occasion. Gives me fresh feel though.

She was taking the week off, to save the extra leave from being forfeited meanwhile I’m still on my long holiday, till December. Guess you’ll learn from here that she’s a workaholic type. Met her during my MS, she’s one of those who like English movies, sort of movies like ‘Lions for Lambs’.

The 2-hour movie kick started with high speed car chasing. As impressive as all other Bond movies, it thrills us with loads of gun shooting, cunning ways of 007 to save his ass from the villains, corrupt M16 agents, more aged M and some similar classic Bond dialogue. This movie can be summarized as another great addition to the Bond franchise.

You’ll have a better grab of the plots on this movie if you did watch the earlier Bond movie, Casino Royale, the tragic ending when 007’s girl perished.

So what’s next? I guess its Madagascar 2.

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