Madagascar 2

November 9, 2008 at 12:12 am Leave a comment

Cloudy, hot and humid night. It was rare to have such a weather in November’s night few decades ago.

Roads were clogged with cars, all circling around like vultures looking for carcass. Glad I was early ‘coz it was more crowded than I thought of. After making two and a half round, I manage to find an empty slot. A rare night indeed. Met few colleagues, ex colleagues and a former classmate.

As usual, my standard of procedure states that a nice movie worth to be watched more than once. I think that explains why I decided to have a peek on the movie before have another helping with my friend. The funny fact is that there’s always new discoveries in the second round, either a missed punch line or a missed scene.

Madagascar 2… it gives me back the feel I had when I watched Lion King during my younger day. Still miss the nice good cartoon. Its all about friendship, family, bits of romance among the characters.

Fun, adorable, engaging and at times touching, the movie is impressively designed to make both the young and adult to laugh at the same time and all the time. And you won’t be able to find any more psychotic penguins. And the old lady, too!

Like most animation, Madagascar 2 ended with a lived-happily-ever-after. Yes, life is enough of adversities and misadventures, I won’t want nor need them here, in my hideout.

This’ one of those movie I describe as value to watch. That’s for me, personally, of course. You may have different taste. Least you’ll learn that monkeys, at all, are not a good messenger and love can sparks between a giraffe and a hippo.


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“EPF procedure to carry out 3pc cut ‘not practical'” by NST, 08.11.2008 Saint Paul – The Pauline Year

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