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Living In A Good Old Day

Just about the noon time, Little Tom was waiting faithfully outside my room. This will usually took two rounds. In the first round, he will escort me downstairs right to where his cat food placed.

Second round will be the afternoon nap thingy. This round will require me to escort him to the right place, if I do not want him to end up on my bed or closet. He will usually sit on his favourite rag while I pull the rag using my foot, to somewhere near my desk. He liked it and will purr like an old engine run out of oil.

It happened this afternoon was my Tom Yam appointment with a friend. Little Tom won’t be able to enjoy his usual air-cond nap here today. I wonder if he ever liked it at all, the air cond. Cat always like warm environment, least that’s my impression bout them.

An hour before the appointment, I took a little bit of lunch. Past experiences taught me never to enjoy my favourite Tom Yam with an empty stomach. By the way the food at home was too good to be missed. There was an all time delicious and yummy steam fish in the kitchen.

My lunch and dinner table is my computer desk, just like the damn E = mc2. It will be my custom to have a movie in the LCD screen when food is present. Today was a rare occasion, I had Bag of Bones in front of me. Reached the part where the evil dad-in-law happened to commit suicide.

Felt guilty not be able to accompany Little Tom for the rest of the afternoon, I lowered down a small piece of yummy fish for him. As an apology I think. Or a bribe, which ever you think is more appropriate.

Finishing his piece, with the cutest look (just like the Puss In Boots from Shrek) and sweetest meow possible, he begged for more. As if  he was saying ‘I won’t mind to sleep outside for the next hundred years if I can have another bite.’

‘Opps, no more Tom. Finish.’ I doubted if he did understand but there was the disappointed look in his eyes. I felt as if I knew what he is gonna to say if one day God granted him the ability to talk: ‘I knew it will end up this way, you are always stingy with the good food…’


When I parked my car, it was hot like desert. She was early.

‘Wat’s doing for the morning?’ I asked.

‘Not much. Enjoy reading some stuffs and sleep again.’

Called as Tom Yam appointment day, she was not having one though. Not much people in Sibu liked Tom Yam I guess. Could be Sibu’s Tom Yam is not the real hot Tom Yam as those in KL’s streets. Could be also they just simply cannot take hot stuff.

We were more to enjoy the moment hanging out and did some serious and not so serious talking, not necessary in the order, rather than the food. Anyway I found out that the Tom Yam was a disappointment. What supposed to be hot, tasted sweet. We concluded that we are going to have another round of Tom Yam appointment, but in another eatery.

At 2pm sharp, we both headed to our different destinations. I need to get a new number for myself and she have to work on her journal.

I upgraded my line from prepaid to postpaid two months ago and after two months the sales representative told me it was irreversible. Without give it a damn, I selected a new, pretty and lucky number with 35 bucks. Easy to remember as well.

I never knew that changing to a new contact number is as tedious as getting married. I have to inform almost the whole universe. Somehow I liked it though. I have the chance to choose who’s not invited to the wedding, especially those I considered as *censored* (God forgive me). And that was an opportunity to get in touch with some old good friends.

A number of them did actually replied and we exchanged news. Never knew that I was so optimistic, in my reply to one of them: ‘Getting better in flesh but nerves still bit of haywire. Tingling feel is sort of coming back, a mild one. It could be that thing is back. Anyway its just a matter of ‘when’. So just keep positive thoughts.’

Yes, I’m positive I do believe. I’m rather positive that I ended up having another more-real-Tom-Yam for dinner with my buddy in another more eatery. The world is never enough, as Bond’s family motto says it.

Rainy it was but the hot food makes me hot. My creative instinct somehow taught me to take two cool sugar and fat free yogurt as the substitute for ice cream. That’s from a supermarket, of course.

Yes, it was.

It was another living-in-present-good-old-day which I am surely gonna to miss dearly in the far future. Glad I have lived another day, I mean to the fullest. Hope you did and do the same. Adiós.

p/s: What’s next? San Francisco Grill, in Kuching, I guess! That will be December then.

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