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Down With Cold

The moon is round and lovely tonight. If I am much healthier, I would want to lie on my balcony and stare at it as long as I could.

I woke up with a slight sore throat this morning. A bad omen to start the day. I knew it well, what it means when this old friend of mine greeted me early in the morning. It will be either a common cold or flu. Ever since then, I was fanatically over utilizing my Omron ear thermometer.

I did it almost hourly, and half hourly when I sense a rise in temperature, and by now I guess my auditory canal had grew slightly bigger, credit to the big trunk of the ear thermometer. My temperature had plunged from the usual 36.4oC to 36.8oC. I had to take bath twice to cool down and finally manage to keep it at 36.6oC. I am a dead man if it rises beyond 37oC. It will confirm a fever and I will need to fly to Kuching immediately. That’s what my doctor told me in my last visit.

By now, my nose was just next to similar to a leaking water pipe. There was no better alternative but to build two temporary dams using tissue papers and do oral breathing. Doing so may make my nostrils become slightly bigger, but that was not my main concern. Having bigger nostrils is less painful than to have irritated skin around the nose. Bigger nostrils also help better breathing as well. I know I was lying to myself but I am just too tired to argue with myself.

Guess it’s time to hibernate. And drink water like goldfish.

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