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Mr Little Tom

Folks, let me introduce you Little Tom. Handsome and elegant, ain’t him?

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The Mist vs The Mist

Just finished reading Stephen King’s novel turned movie, The Mist.

Much to my pleasure, Stephen King did not end his novel as cruel as the movie did. Instead, it ended with so much a hope; none of the passengers inside the car committed suicide and David Drayton heard a sound from the car’s radio, one and only sound, yet he can’t really differentiate it; whether it was Hartford or hope. There was no rescue team arriving at the end scene either, it just ended with David decided to take a sleep before next day’s journey, to his ‘hope’ and ‘Hartford’. It is truly an open ending, which keeps my imagination runs wild.

There were a number of absolute differences between the movie and the novel, which will require a lengthy elaboration if I am to point out all of them. But I’m not. Anyway, those worth mentioning here are four persons successfully made it to the car instead of five; Billy, Amanda, Mrs Reppler and David, and none of them committed suicide. Bravo!

David’s wife, Steff, was not mention to have killed by the creature, since David’s attempt to reach his house failed by big fallen pine trees along the road. So it is up to your rich imagination whether you prefer her to be dead or alive. The verdict is yours.

Before make up your mind though, there is something extra inside the novel which was not inside the movie which you ought to know. David had an affair with Amanda while they were still inside the supermarket. Eventually after David gave up in trying to reach his house, he just hoped that his wife is still alive and at the same time prayed that she is not going to find out about his affair. Sounds a little bit too greedy here, but somehow I shared the same sentiment.

Yes, not forgetting the witch, Mrs Carmody. She was as loathed as she was in the movie, and a true pain in the arse with her idiotic expiation. She was shot dead by Ollie when she tried to make Billy and Amanda as human sacrifices, with one gunshot instead of two; there was no headshot as what the movie exaggerated. Just too bad, ain’t it? I think she deserves more. Oh, God forgive me…

Contrary to the movie, which left me heartbroken with its agonistic ending, the hero (David Drayton) inside the novel did not sound as stupid as one inside the movie, making the decision to leave the supermarket, which led to his son’s and other 3 passengers’ suicide, just minutes right before military aid arrived. Duh! What a real heartache!

Instead, I felt that those who left behind in supermarket were more likely to perish as the monsters were attracted to smell. The meat inside supermarket had started to rot, not forgetting the dead corpse of those who committed suicides. No rescue team or National Guard was mentioned towards the end of novel as well. Anyway it’s up to your interpretation, and everyone have plenty of room for that, since the novel has no specific ending.

Finally, the movie, which had long left me unrest with its tragic ending, have started to fade away. Eventually! Peace at last, with the real good ending by Stephen King. Life may not a ‘lived-happily-ever-after’, but life alone sometimes was abundant with misery, won’t need them inside my imaginary world again. And somehow, the good ending had made me forgot totally about my cold.

So what’s next?

Twilight, probably. Just received all the four books from the series couples of days ago; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Guess it’s going to be an interesting journey; Twilight and New Moon had stayed up in USA top 10 bestselling books for the last hundred weeks! Accompanied by the Twilight’s original motion picture soundtrack playing in iTunes, I guess I am going to have some real good time.

Happy reading and Adiós.

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