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Reading Twilight

Still in the midst of my literature journey with Twilight, a novel about a romantic love journey between a city girl and a handsome vampire boy. Just reached one third of the novel, and not in the hurry to finish it though.

The story was rather well manipulated by Stephenie Meyer that it is certainly going to remind the readers the feeling of being in their first love. Or perhaps, make the reader feel that they are still in one. Believe me, if you are going to read this novel, let the Twilight soundtracks run in the background. More feel, I will describe it.

Just can’t wait for the movie to arrive in cinema. Till then, I still have around good one and a half week to finish the rest of the chapters. Really do hope the movie will live up to the expectation.

Oh, my. A friend of mine had just started to nag on me. She suggested that I should read daily two chapters of Bible each in the morning and evening and blah blah blah when I told her I read novel more than Bible. Okay, okay, I will. Same to you too, folks out there.

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Humour – Indian Superman

It is not my custom to embed any kind of tube in my page, but somehow this is an exception…

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