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DDR2 Ram

You are not going to believe this, but it happened.

My new computer just allergic to Apacer DDR2 Ram! Damn Taiwan made Apacer. It almost make me phobia towards blue colour, though it used to be my favourite colour. Yes, it was none but the infamous blue-screen-of-death. It just come whenever it pleased.

The sales representative (whom also happened to be the Executive Director of the shop, funny ain’t it? That’s what on his name card, though the whole shop only has 3 persons altogether. Another two should be chief accountant and sales manager, I guess) had since brought my computer back twice for diagnosis and repair but they never solved the problem (they should had employed a chief engineer!!).

Probably the computer was smart enough not to give problem in their presence, I guess. Or those morons just have no idea how to solve it. Nonetheless they told me they had reinstalled the OS and changed new Apacer Ram for me in the first repair. In the second repair, they told me they didn’t change the Apacer Ram last time, and this time they did REALLY changed the Ram. Now, I’m the moron here, or at least I sounds like.

Not wanting to grow phobia towards my favourite colour, and almost gone mad as well, I bought a Mushkin DDR2 Ram from somewhere else. That saved my day, but I ended up with extra, useless and unreliable Apacer DDR2 Ram.

Calling for exchange, over the phone, the Executive Director of the computer shop was kind enough agreed to change the useless Apacer Ram for Corsair Ram. When I was there last night, ready for the exchange, they pretended they had Alzheimer’s disease. I was required to pay a full price for the Corsair Ram (damn, it’s also Taiwan made. All their ram were cheap Taiwan products and anyhow that’s the most reliable brand among their stock) and they volunteered to sell out my Apacer Ram on my behalf, to fetch a better second hand value, they claimed.

So guess what happened?

I went berserk and gave each of them a black eye? Too bad, none of what you may have expected. I just too lazy to argue and without gave it a damn I trade in the useless Apacer for half price and pay for my new Taiwan Corsair. Anyway my computer seems to be okay with the Corsair. Maybe it thought it was Beluga Caviar originated from Caspian Sea instead of Corsiar from Taiwan. Haha!

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Twilight, The End

The last few chapters of the book was amazing indeed. It was written in such suspense that you were mesmerized to flip the pages with an escalating speed. It will catch you off guard with the romantic fantasy without notice until you had reached the big The End.

It will turn you into a vampire too, thirst to know the actual ending rather than the abrupt ending in this book. Few issues were not properly address, especially what happened to their enemy and whether the boy vampire is going to make his human girl friend a vampire as well.

Yes, just another foul play among those modern writers to make you suspense enough to keep on reading their second and third and so forth of their books. I liked it anyway. Similarly you will also be able to see the author’s effort to put all her first love experience into this book. Another name which I think appropriate for this book will be Dummy’s 101 Guide On Dating.

So what’s the moral of the story? Nothing but unlimited love for your loved one and selfless sacrifices for them. Wow wow wow, that’s too ironic with this ever increasing selfish world. Count yourself rare and lucky if you ever find such a lover. The last of such love I ever know happened about 2008 years ago, when He died on a tree for you and me whom we yet to know Him. So agony not if you yet to find your great lover, coz you are just lucky to born with one.

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