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A Hot Day

Today was a hot day. It could be cooler if a friend of mine did not ask for my help to fetch him to make his passport.

We reached the immigration office by 10.30am in the morning. “We need your original and duplicated copy of your birth certificate,” the officer at the reception told him, when he noticed that my friend did not bring his birth certificate.

So back we went, to his house. When we reached the immigration office for the second time, it was around 11.15am. “This passport size photo is not acceptable. Your head must look bigger and you must wear a black blazer because your T-shirt is white in colour,” the officer told him, at the same time show us the samples of correct passport sized photos.

So off we went, to have his correct version of passport sized photo taken. When we reached the immigration office for the third time, it was almost lunch hour. We were glad that everything were okay and in order by this time.

On the way back, we still managed to laugh at ourselves. The sun was shining brightly for the whole morning and I was almost a roast pig when I reached home. The sun must have roasted my brain because until now I still not sure of how I should feel about this. By the way, I still can feel the heat on my head and face. Sigh.

Ps: Twilight is coming to Sibu’s cinema tomorrow. Hopes that it is not as disappointing as what the reviews claimed.

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