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31 Dec 2008

DawnDawn of 31 December 2008

SunriseHere’s our lovely sun… of the last day of 2008

Happy New Year to all~

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Giant Flood?

Nope. There was no giant flood. Just a few heavy downpours. Silly me!

Today’s a great day. Made perfect by a few friends; old friend, new friend and long lost friend. Cheers to all of you 😛

Somehow I started to feel thay my new boss is a nice person. Now kind of respect him. Hope this continues for the rest of 2009.

Are you having a great day today?

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Giant Flood Countdown – 29 December 2008

Nearby my houseA drain nearby my house which turned into a river. This is the place where I usually fished. There are plenty of giant cat fish inside. The biggest I ever get was about 1.8kg. That’s just the average size though.

The rumours have it that it was originated from Thailand. It escaped from a fish pond during a big flood a few years back and now it’s everywhere! God is just so GENEROUS. So basically you won’t die of starvation here if your career is a begger. Just go and beg for a few ringgit on the streets, then buy a cheap fishing rod, dig up your bait- worms – anywhere near the riverbank or ‘drainbank’ and there goes your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

You can even be an entrepreneur by selling those fish you catch. Later, after you accumulated some money, buy yourself a nice suit, make up a business plan and go inside an agriculture bank and get your SME (small medium enterprise) loan. Then you’re rich! Oh my, why I neve try that myself? Anyway lets go back to my flood.

On the wayTook this photo while I was on the way to my office this morning. This’ just the begining. It yet to meet with high tide. The high tide collision will boost the water level up to 5.6 meter. It’s time for fun, kids! And a busy time for parents to move their home furniture, if you do live in an amphibious house. God bless you….

Outside officeThis’ the junction right outside my office. Looks like I have found a good excuse for not going to work next week. But alas, my company always have big lorries ready, to fetch us from a few pick up points in the event of flood. At one year the company even prepared express boats! So basically, unless its  the office which is burnt down into rubbles, we still ought to come to work. No excuse!

Anyway, all these were just the begining. The highest super duper king tide is expected to fall on 29 December 2008. It’s claimed to be as high as 6.6 meter!

So kids, if you’re having fun, don’t forget your floats or life vests. Won’t want to see you in the newspapers! Enjoy yourself and just leave all the heavy and headache-ing furniture migration works to daddy and mommy.

Yeah, just enjoy while you could coz you’re gonna to be someone’s daddy or mommy some day later and you’re going to have this very same exercise every year, unless your daddy and mommy starts to vote the right man in the next election!

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This is definitely a movie which worth every cent you pay for it. I had just finished watching it in cinema. It’s a longggg movie. Slightly more than two hours.


It is full of magic, love, humour, hope, action, inspiration, beautiful scenes, and at a certain juncture, a little pinch of sadness.

Not going to elaborate much about the story but it’s a blend between history and romance.

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Flood is back to Sibu again! This is the only time when you get plenty of free teh-c-peng.

Pedada RoadTook this when I was on the way to cinema. The water was about a foot deep on the other side. Feel like want to do some fishing! Hey, that was my favourite hobby a long time ago.

Central RoadIn the town.

townI found a good spot for fishing!

In front if cinemaJust outside the cinema.

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Christmas Morning And A Christmas Eve

It is a lazy Christmas morning. I still have plenty to write about yesterday’s event but I’m just feeling lazy. 😛

The morning is quiet. No Little Tom’s nuisance call or rushing into the house once the door was open. No calling outside my room. Well, have to live with it. Things have changed. 😦

Ok, let’s not be lazy. I’ll describe in brief about yesterday’s events. All were enjoyable and happy events except Little Tom’s.

I had a company Christmas lunch in RH Hotel.

lobbyThe lobby was well decorated.

BallroomWe have some performances throughout the lunch, all by our colleagues. The foods were just ordinary. It was a modest celebration. Economy is bad.

driverLunch ended around 2.15pm. We still need to go back to office after lunch. My driver – a pretty lady- drove me to the hotel and back to the office. She’s a fierce driver. You had better drive properly if you’re in font of her, otherwise you might get a longggggggg honk from her!

gift exchangeEveryone have a packet of cookies as door gift. We have gift exchange too. You put your gift at the gift counter before the lunch started, pick up a number and pick the gift attached to that number at the end of the lunch. Not a very fun way of gift exchange. I would prefer a more messy and noisy way of exchange. Haha! Can’t wait to open the gift as soon as I was inside the car. My lucky number for the day was 167. Guess what’s inside?

TupperwareIt’s a Tupperware.

church We drove past my Church on the way back to office.

Ugly DucklingBack in the office my Tupperware turned into a second hand platypus toy. The story was- I told a colleague earlier this morning that I don’t like Tupperware. She dared me to change my gift with her’s if I ever get a Tupperware. I did, and I have to honour our deal, though I do like the particular Tupperware I get. Her gift was that poor used dull platypus doll you saw in the picture. The colour had faded and it seemed like the platypus took a swim in a washing machine before was packed as a Christmas gift. Nonetheless it keeps me company now, just in time, since Little Tom will never come into my room again 😦 I feel empty. The platypus’ eyes are just as shiny and round as Tom’s. Somehow it consoles me.

bicycleAfter 5pm, I went for a brief workout in my company’s mini gym… riding the stationary bicycles.

another bicycleHere’s another bicycle. This helps me to jog without hurt my implant.

sunsetThe sunset was beautiful. Took this pic outside Ame’s house.

I made a visit to Ame’s house after exercise to take the PowerPoint for Christmas Eve’s mass. I was required to play PowerPoint slide throughout the mass. A very tension task! After I met her, I headed home. That’s when I learned about the sad sad sad news.

church9.00pm and I was in Sacred Heart Cathedral. I was so anxious. It was crowded and I was about to control the slides which will be viewed by a few thousand pairs of eyes.

churchSee the big screen far on the right corner? That’s one of it.

churchThe mass started. Anxious anxious and anxious.

LCD & PowerPointI’m technically safe when I reached here. It’s usually the prayers in the beginning of the slides which did not consistent with what the priest said. Sometimes the order of the slides were not in order too. When there was an error, I might have up to hundred pairs of eyes started to stare at me. Definitely adrenaline pumping! The errors inside the slides- is an inevitable thing. Sometimes the priest need to do last minute adjustment and sometimes the priest used his own prayer. My friend who prepared the slides always ended up busy changing the prayers or reading inside the slides a couple of times before it is eventually finalized. At times, even after it was finalized, we still have some changes emerge just a few hours before the mass! Well, it’s not an easy job! Volunteers, out there, any?

Eventually there were a few mirror errors in last night’s Christmas Eve’s mass but there was no much adrenaline pumped. I felt too sad to bother much about what others think of me or the slides. The only other feeling besides sad was numb.

PubWent to pub for countdown after mass. My friend and I was late. Glad we did. A fight broke up right before we arrived and a friend was injured. Her thigh was cut by broken glass. Police was there to pick up those wild cats. At the same time another friend was KO and need to be drove back, thought she insisted she can drive. Someone did drove her back though. So in the end, the party downsized.

pubNonetheless we did resume with our countdown, wit smaller congregation though. A friend started to laugh at me, saying I was just operated and had implant in my backbone and this should be the last place I visit. They took back their words when I started to dance and jump (By the way the news spread fast and now I was booked for another countdown on 31st Dec.). Well, this was the night when all my wild genes came out. The good thing about me is- I can be a very goody goody at a time and I can be so wild in another time. We shook, we jumped and we danced. No much of drinking though coz we’re all driving. Glad I did some workout in gym, it helped with my stamina and ability to shake and dance well!

coconutThe party ended 12.30am. I went for a dinner cum supper at Sri Meranti. That’s the only food outlet still open at such wee hours. The coconut was just not as nice as at the pizza’s; it’s just the standard taste. I skipped my dinner earlier last night to cry. Partially I also want to starve myself so that I can divert some sadness into other feeling – hunger.

Fried riceI took fried rice. I gave half of them to my skinny buddy.

Tom YamAnd Tom Yam too! I told the waiter – no sugar added and want it to be as spicy as possible. She kind of laughed at my request. The cook did a good job- real spicy, not sweet but a bit salty though. My buddy admitted it was spicy too.

rubbish truckFinally, on the way sending him back home we met a rubbish dump truck. It collected balloon from somewhere else and tied them to the rear right side of the vehicle. I felt that it looked special and decided to drive as near to it as possible to take a picture. We chased the truck for about a few kilometers before it finally stopped at a traffic light.

This was the most enjoyable Christmas eve I ever had since my existence. I used to stick to the tv during the last Christmas eves.  It would just a real perfect one if I still have Little Tom. Sigh~

I still have a big task coming up this evening. We have a Christmas Mass and you should know what I’m worrying about right now! The PowerPoints!

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Farewell Little Tom

Farewell Little Tom.

Little Tom

I can’t remember the actual date I last shed my tear of sadness and heartbroken. I only remember I shed a few sad tears when I watched sad movies but then that wasn’t so sad. After all it’s just a movie.

I also can’t remember the last time when I ever felt hurt so much. My heart and my soul were both shouting in agonizing pain. The scar was deeper than of those any I ever had; the one feet long scar at my back from the operation even lose to it. I didn’t even have so much scar when I found out that I mistrusted someone; someone whom asked for my forgiveness even before she hurt me.

The news was so sudden. When I reached home, my neighbor and her daughter were standing in front of their gate.

“Your oldest cat had perished. A pack of dogs, about six or seven of them, torn him apart. It just happened right in front your gate, this afternoon,” the Mother told me with a sympathetic tone.

“After I saved him, by beating away those dogs, he died not long after,” the Daughter added.

“It just happened right here?” I asked, looking at the murder scene right in front of my gate. I imagined how he was confronted by a pack of dog, screaming helplessly when been torn apart.

“Yup. We did our best but he was torn apart badly,” the Daughter replied.

I remained calm, or at least tried to.

“Thank you for your help…,” I said, felt weak at my whole body, as if my energy was vaporizing into the thin air.

For some reason I was glad I did not see him dying. He still lived in my mind his energetic and playful attic as when I petted him last night. I won’t want his last image in my mind was his painful dying breath. He never had issue with dogs. His only nemesis was just the homeless black bad ass cat.I knew he had to go one day later but I never expected it to be in such way and at this time.

There was a deep resentment inside me. There was anger too. I felt as if I want to kill every single dog which runs free in this neighborhood. But then I told myself it was an accident. An accident, for animal world. Killing another dog will only hurt another owner’s heart.

I was glad I did spent some time with him last night. Goodbye my dear Little Tom. Going to miss you dearly. Very much, actually. It’s never going to be easy either, there was so much of his memories everywhere around the house.

His sister and his niece (his younger sister’s grown up daughter) seemed to be consoling me; extremely nice to when when I reached home. His niece was reluctant to leave my room though I pushed her out. It was even rare for her to be inside my room at this hour on a normal day; she will be either busy catching insects or go for a walk around the neighborhood. Probably she was sad and needs some company too. Well, then, let’s have company.

How much I wished this was a fiction; I closed my computer, go downstairs and he is waiting for me at his usual place.

At this moment, the only thing I could do is pray.

I pray for all those who mourn for their lost beloved ones, may God console them and strengthen their faith, in believing that there is a resurrection awaiting after death.

I pray for all those who are in pain and sick, may this joyful season bring to their heart God’s peace and warmth.

I pray for all all those who had just lost their pets too, may their heart be consoled. Don’t feel too sad okay, and it’s okay to cry, though your friend may want to call you sissy later.

I pray for all Christians, may they be prepared all the time because He will come at an unexpected time.

I can’t pray for Little Tom coz he have no soul. Sigh. nonetheless I pray for my other 2 cats, may they die, when the time comes, in a more peaceful way.


It’s time to soak my face in cold water. Won’t want to be in a crowded church with red and swollen face. Haha 😛 A blessed Christmas eve to all ye.

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