I’m Back

December 8, 2008 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

I’m back to work tomorrow!

The feeling is mixed. Happy but also sad, but above all, nostalgic. It’s just the feeling you have on the last day of your school holiday when you were still young. You were happy to meet your friends, again, but you’re dreadful of your particular psychotic student eating teachers and exams. Are you having the same feeling with me bout this?

I remember when I was still in school, I hoped I was working then, no exam, no fierce teachers and no pressure. Now, I felt like want to go back to schools. I miss the feeling of mingle with friends, good friends, nice friends, those allies when I had gang fight, and my enemies as well. Well, we fight, but it’s in the game. We played police and thief, and all those games which I can’t any longer remember their names well. Work place too, rich with friends but they tend to be selfish at certain circumstances. Working, was not as great as I thought. The only thing great about it was I get my paid. And a few close friends.

Anyway, whatever it is, this feeling will pass. Just actually felt bit down here, out of a sudden. Have to iron my uniform later on. Hope my skill is still as good as before. Haha, Little Tom is going to be mad at me, or confused, as starting from tomorrow afternoon, when he was meowing outside my room, I will not be there to open the door and to entertain his attic.

Wish me luck in my first day back to work tomorrow, after 5 months of medical leave. I’m bit of nervous out here. 😛


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A Diary From Kuching First Day In Office (After 5 Months of Holiday)

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