First Day In Office (After 5 Months of Holiday)

December 9, 2008 at 11:29 pm Leave a comment

It was not as eventful as I expected.

My new boss went back to his kampung for holiday, and I’m a free man until 19 December 2008. So today I spent most of the time catching up with the events and documents I have missed in the last 5 months.

Food was quite an issue for me. Food, mind you, the saying ‘you are what you eat’ shades the truth to a certain significant extent. After 2 months’ of eating carrots for breakfast and supper, and steamed food for lunch and dinner, those layers of fat seemed to have left my body. Yup, that was without any exercise.

However, my two days of feast in Kuching had almost jeopardized this two months of effort! That was something which was very scary. Just two days of eating those delicious food in restaurants (which is rich in and generous with all sort of oils) and my stomach have started to build up a noticeable layer of fat. My oh my…

It was an alarming discovery for me. So in order to restore my healthy waist line, I had carrots for breakfast, baked potatoes for lunch and yogurt as dessert for today. Not really sure how long I can stick to this boring menu but I do hope that I will be able to stick to all the healthy foods until February. Doing so will leave a room for another feast in my next trip to Kuching, which is in the end of February. Fat credit I called it. It is quite a challenge, especially when considering a few company dinners and Chinese New Year are coming up in the between.

Anyway I’m sure tomorrow is going to be another less eventful day. Glad it is.


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