Potato Man

December 10, 2008 at 9:12 pm Leave a comment

One baked potato each for breakfast and lunch.

Yeah, I’m the new potato man around the block. Colleagues whom saw my loyalty to potato admired me. “You really can stand eating the same food again and again!” they said.

Yup, I admired myself too. I admired them even more, able to eat those tasty, delicious and oil rich foods. To give all the credit to the potatoes will be unfair to the carrots and seaweeds. I had carrots and dried seaweeds for brunch and tea time. Sometimes I have yogurt and brown rice powder as the replacement for carrot, especially when I grow tired of munching the carrots.

They also warned me that potato is rich in carbohydrate and I will gain weight if I keep consuming it. However, when compared to all those oily food available in the nearby food outlets, I believe it’s not as bad as they thought.

Nonetheless, as an insurance against my current beautiful and satisfactory waist line, I spend about 10 – 15 minutes riding the stationary bicycles everyday after office. I wished that I could do longer. You may have the same sentiment too.

Trust me however, it is wiser to make myself feel that I have not exercised enough and keep myself motivated to go back for more in the next day rather than to wear out myself in the first few days and grow bored of it in no time.

You will understand more if I tell you that I was the only one inside the mini gym most of the time. I could be more motivated if there are some pretty ladies around but there was none. Everyone is racing home when the clock ticks five.

Hey, they are good with the daily 5pm countdown; shutting down computer at 4.55pm, tidy the table at 4.56pm, packing the personal belongings at 4.57pm, turn off the lights and air conds at 4.58pm, walk towards the exit at 4.59pm and reach the door and scan their Id card for attendance at 5pm sharp. Not all of them are like this though. Definitely not me too! Just in case if our boss saw this.


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