Toilet Paper, Office and Grill Fish

December 15, 2008 at 11:50 pm Leave a comment

We are all in the midst of economy crisis.

Such desperate condition usually will push normal people beyond their talent. This’ the time when we usually can witness the higher frequency of new inventions and innovations.

So, a particular company in Malaysia, Sarawak, Sibu, decided to cut cost for company, among all, by giving quota for toilet paper usage. Ladies will have two rolls of toilet paper per month meanwhile guys will only get one roll. Hey, isn’t that gender discrimination? Anyone out there, toilet paper quota too in your company?

Anyway I am not a frequent user of toilet paper. So I have no issue with this. It’s just that I used to read a lot of stupid and funny things which other companies do from the internet and now I’m in one!

By the way, let me show you around my new room in office. Took these photos using my W890i.

deskThis is my new desk. It’s actually an oval meeting table. This room a meeting room on ground floor. I was in the fourth floor before but after my operation I was given the permission to dwell on the ground floor.

air condThe air cond is blowing straight into my face. So I let it wear a skirt specially designed by me. One colleague, upon saw it, said that I was very creative. Another asked if I had taken my medicine for the day. Which group do you belong to?

DeskThe view from my seat.

MeThis is my office look. I usually have my spectacles on, when I remember to. I have vision 2020.

I still cook my own lunch religiously every afternoon. My colleagues, however, were giving me more and more pressure each day. I was using the microwave and all of them believed that microwave gives cancer to the body. So today I asked around if any of them have extra rice cooker. Too bad, none of them have. So earlier tonight I bought myself a mini rice cooker. I do believe that cooking will be more fun by tomorrow.  Hopefully so.

After shopping, I went for a chit chat in a  eyeglasses shop in the old Sing Kwang. That’s where I bought my  spectacles, my first  and only  spectacles. It’s operated by a pair of lovely and friendly couple.  You may consider getting your  spectacles there. They’re just so friendly and helpful.  That’s the only eyeglasses shop in the old Sing Kwong, located on first floor. So do not worry that you will miss it.

Finally I went for a supper in Muhhibah, after my buddy called me. Eventually tonight I managed to taste a tom yam which at least tasted like a decent tom yam. The grilled fish was fantastic too. I went back home with a guilt inside me though – I had just pumped a load of poison into my body. Sigh!


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