The Day I Felt Young Again

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My old pal from Sarikei visited Sibu this afternoon.

He claimed that he is a lion in making.

LionLet’s roar. He sat for two hours for the hair to be done.

He did his hair in Parkson. The place is well decorated.

Christmas Trees


Then we have our tea break in Mitsu Tea House. The food generally okay, but always too oily for me. Yes, everywhere I go, the food is always too oily for me except my own ‘pot luck’.  I think I have shortened my life a few months every time I eat outside. So I choose carefully whom I eat with, just to ensure it worth my life. Haha, sounds pathetic.

“Opps, I didn’t have a single cent in my wallet!” I said while looking into my wallet when I was paying the bill. I purposely said it loud enough to be heard by all those standing next to me; my friend, the cashier and a waiter.

Mitsu Tea HouseGood atmosphere for a lazy tea break.

The cashier stared at me with his blank expression, surprised and speechless. Probably it was his first encounter with such case. A waiter who was standing beside the cashier looked at us with a very interested look, probably hoping to see more drama to unfold.

My friend, however, was way too smart for this prank. Anyway, he played along too. “No worry, no worry, I have credit card'” he said, fishing out a card from his wallet.

“Oh, now I found one!” I exclaimed, fishing out my fifty ringgit note and hand it over to the cashier, before my friend took the joke to the next level. Only then everyone laughed and there was the relief look on the cashier’s face.

Yes, that’s what will happen we hang out together, crazy and mad all the time. When we left, we still could see both the waiter and cashier smiling away. The waiter just can’t stop giggling. Too bad that he was not any pretty girl, otherwise I might have get myself a date this weekend. Haha! Anyway, it’s a feel good day, managed to crack a joke with strangers and my friend.

Next, we bring our jokes to the Delta Mall. He found favourite his book at the Popular Bookstore. “Ah, money not enough!” he exclaimed when he was about to pay for the book at the counter.

The lady at the counter was dumbfounded and gave him a very serious look, probably thinking hard what to reply him next. Have your wallet checked before you go shopping, idiot!

“She is about to call the security,” I joked with my friend, when I realised that this gutty friend of mine intended to wait for the lady to broke her long silence.

“Oh, now I found mine too,” he broke the silent after the long pause. He handed over his fifty ringgit note to the lady, the lady gave him the change and the book and we walked away laughing. We never turned our head back to check on the lady but we’re quite sure that she was not as amused as the guys in the restaurant.

“She is for real going to call the security,” I told my friend as we walked away. “Haha… very scary,” he replied, before we broke into laugher again.

Time flies real fast, especially during the feel good moment. Time showed 5.45pm and it was time for him to board his bus back to his house in Sarikei. When we reached the terminal, his bus was about to start leaving. Glad we made it on time!

We were definitely real crazy when we were together. Nonetheless, today is the day I feel young again. Yup, it’s also another good old day lived in the present.

These feel good feelings reminded me of my days in hospital. It is Christmas season and its a season of joy. However let us forget not those who are sick and in pain, either they’re around us or in hospital. Let us cease not to pray for them so that they could feel the joy too, despite all the pain and difficulty they need to undergo.


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