Farewell Little Tom

December 24, 2008 at 6:45 pm 10 comments

Farewell Little Tom.

Little Tom

I can’t remember the actual date I last shed my tear of sadness and heartbroken. I only remember I shed a few sad tears when I watched sad movies but then that wasn’t so sad. After all it’s just a movie.

I also can’t remember the last time when I ever felt hurt so much. My heart and my soul were both shouting in agonizing pain. The scar was deeper than of those any I ever had; the one feet long scar at my back from the operation even lose to it. I didn’t even have so much scar when I found out that I mistrusted someone; someone whom asked for my forgiveness even before she hurt me.

The news was so sudden. When I reached home, my neighbor and her daughter were standing in front of their gate.

“Your oldest cat had perished. A pack of dogs, about six or seven of them, torn him apart. It just happened right in front your gate, this afternoon,” the Mother told me with a sympathetic tone.

“After I saved him, by beating away those dogs, he died not long after,” the Daughter added.

“It just happened right here?” I asked, looking at the murder scene right in front of my gate. I imagined how he was confronted by a pack of dog, screaming helplessly when been torn apart.

“Yup. We did our best but he was torn apart badly,” the Daughter replied.

I remained calm, or at least tried to.

“Thank you for your help…,” I said, felt weak at my whole body, as if my energy was vaporizing into the thin air.

For some reason I was glad I did not see him dying. He still lived in my mind his energetic and playful attic as when I petted him last night. I won’t want his last image in my mind was his painful dying breath. He never had issue with dogs. His only nemesis was just the homeless black bad ass cat.I knew he had to go one day later but I never expected it to be in such way and at this time.

There was a deep resentment inside me. There was anger too. I felt as if I want to kill every single dog which runs free in this neighborhood. But then I told myself it was an accident. An accident, for animal world. Killing another dog will only hurt another owner’s heart.

I was glad I did spent some time with him last night. Goodbye my dear Little Tom. Going to miss you dearly. Very much, actually. It’s never going to be easy either, there was so much of his memories everywhere around the house.

His sister and his niece (his younger sister’s grown up daughter) seemed to be consoling me; extremely nice to when when I reached home. His niece was reluctant to leave my room though I pushed her out. It was even rare for her to be inside my room at this hour on a normal day; she will be either busy catching insects or go for a walk around the neighborhood. Probably she was sad and needs some company too. Well, then, let’s have company.

How much I wished this was a fiction; I closed my computer, go downstairs and he is waiting for me at his usual place.

At this moment, the only thing I could do is pray.

I pray for all those who mourn for their lost beloved ones, may God console them and strengthen their faith, in believing that there is a resurrection awaiting after death.

I pray for all those who are in pain and sick, may this joyful season bring to their heart God’s peace and warmth.

I pray for all all those who had just lost their pets too, may their heart be consoled. Don’t feel too sad okay, and it’s okay to cry, though your friend may want to call you sissy later.

I pray for all Christians, may they be prepared all the time because He will come at an unexpected time.

I can’t pray for Little Tom coz he have no soul. Sigh. nonetheless I pray for my other 2 cats, may they die, when the time comes, in a more peaceful way.


It’s time to soak my face in cold water. Won’t want to be in a crowded church with red and swollen face. Haha 😛 A blessed Christmas eve to all ye.


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It’s Time For Christmas Christmas Morning And A Christmas Eve

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  • 1. ame  |  December 24, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    Sorry to hear that Tom cat is gone. Bad dogs! Why did they kill?? They will be burnt in hell. Poor Raphael..

  • 2. rhealk  |  December 24, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    Thanks. Dog meats, anyone?

  • 3. free energy | Digg hot tags  |  December 24, 2008 at 8:07 pm

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  • 4. Website Directory - Pets  |  December 25, 2008 at 12:12 am

    […] Farewell Little Tom […]

  • 5. Jani  |  December 25, 2008 at 1:47 am

    so sorry to hear that… I know it’s really upset, especially Tom was so close with you… I’d be crying as well if anything happens to AJ.
    Ame and I did witness a German Shepherd biting a cat to death… and we were too shocked to help it. haiz…
    bad dogs

  • 6. rhealk  |  December 25, 2008 at 2:31 am

    Thanks. German Shepherd, it’s a big and strong dog. Its correct not to interfere. Just hope those dogs will leave the rest of my cat family alone otherwise I might want hunt all of them down. Hey, how’s the countdown over there? 😛

  • 7. Jani  |  December 25, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    not really having the feel of christmas actually. no count down, we just watch tv and prepare to sleep. :p
    ya, we were scared of that German Shepherd indeed. Never had it came across my mind that I might brought back a puppy with the mix breed of German Shepherd!

  • 8. rhealk  |  December 25, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Is that what we called as destiny? Hahaha

  • 9. eunice  |  December 27, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    i do know how u feel bout tom…as i just had my ah meow departed with me last week…it was heavy departure and she’s my best pet ever….she shriking and no longer eating cuz of old age..she’s been in the family for 13 years….and she’s owez been my favourite….we have chemistry cuz ussually b4 the bight i need to go kk, she just seems to knew i’m leaving home soon..she’ll climb to my window and i owez let her in secretly..(moms dont aloow pets in the hs anyway)..and tat bonding of ours really magnificent…aww..i miss ah meow…

    old saying says that good cat does not died at home…she’s sick but she’s nowhere to be found….and i know she bid bye2 to me already…and i’ll miss her very much…

    hereby, my condolences for ur little tom and take care

  • 10. rhealk  |  December 27, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    Oh my… my deepest condolence… you have such an awesome friend. So touching.
    Ya, they kind of never want to let us see their death. I feel so sorry for you. You got to take care too.
    The world seemed to become a lot more quiet and silent without them. Though Little Tom never smiled and laugh but I always can feel as he was smiling and laughing with me all the time. His absent brought away all these sounds of smile and laughter with him. That’s the most unbearable part.
    By the way you still in KK?

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