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I’m feeling extremely lazy today.

Something must have triggered the lazy genes. I wonder what it is.

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I missed Sibu’s big flood in year 2008- was on travelling with my new boss. This year I have the chance to experience it. It’s lots of fun, provided the house is not flooded. Took a number of photos and will upload it when I’m in the hardworking mood.

Have a nice day!

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Weight Watch

Three days of feast and I could feel that my stomach is growing bigger!! ArrghhhHHH!!

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“Farewell, dear friend”

No doubt pet is one of man’s best friend.



MY best buddy died on the 13th of this month. He was in my arms when I said goodbye. Today is his birthday. Had he lived, he would have celebrated his 13th birthday.

Vai came into my life at a time when I was at the lowest. Even though I was a disabled activist, I found it hard to fight off bouts of depression when I was home.

All that changed when Vai came along. At eight weeks old, he was the very challenge I needed to overcome my depression.

My wheelchair was no longer an excuse. I had to feed him, bathe him and clean up after him. During those times, it was just Vai and I. We learnt to trust each other.

I trained him to be a service dog. Vai learnt to pick up all sorts of things for me: my mobile phone, car keys. He even learnt to open the door.

He also taught me to laugh and have fun. He would snatch my watch away and insisted I chase after it.

At other times, the cheeky fellow would bring me a dead lizard or a live cockroach as a “gift.”

His antics helped me to shift my focus away from my disability and problems, and onto him. As far as he was concerned, it’s people in wheelchairs who are normal.

Vai was an excellent bodyguard. Once he even saved me from a bunch of road bullies. Some boys walked threateningly to my car – until Vai stood up in the backseat to show himself.

He was chief actor in my service dog movie sponsored by the Rotarians. The video made an impression on local councillors who assumed that Rottweilers were killers. After watching it, they decided to scrap the ban on Rottweilers.

If Vai could talk, this would be his message: “There are no bad Rottweilers, only untrained owners!”

Vai, together with his partner (an Alsatian I got a month later), inspired me to set up a service canine training programme called Bivai Special Dogs in 2001.

Vai was instrumental in the setting up of Petpositive, an animal-assisted therapy (AAT) society of which I serve as president. We hope to set up an AAT centre in the country to carry out Vai’s legacy. Not just with dogs but all types of pets to comfort disabled and elderly people.

Vai leaves behind wonderful memories. I can’t imagine living without the marvellous years he so generously gave me.

I sobbed as he slipped away in the late evening. All I could say was “thank you Vai for making my years with you the happiest that I have ever known.”

Vai was euthanised at Segar Veterinary Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. He was diagnosed with cancer.

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Water! Water! Water!

Flood! Yes, that’s the most popular word next to ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ for year 2009.

We have continuous rain last night and by this morning a few lower areas were flooded. The consequences? The main road in front of my house was congested. It became the one and only road available to connect the East and West part of the town.

The congestion situation had started since Monday. That was when water level was still considered low. The queue was from the traffic light until the roundabout, which was at least 2 to 3 kilometres apart. Anyway do correct me if I’m wrong. The other roads regularly used by Sibu people were submerged under water.

I lived my whole life here and I never saw  this road ever get so congested before, except when there was road blocks by JPJ or police. Or when there was a deadly road accident took place here when I was still small. It was in the late eighties then. Rumors have it that the victim lost it’s head as the impact from the accident and till today the head was yet to be recovered. Spooky ain’t it? Oh, God bless the poor soul!

Actually I was thinking of walking out to the main road to take a few snap of photos for you all but I was feeling real lazy to do so. I have to get changed into my new year cloth, walk out under the shy sun which hides behind the cloud, take a few snaps, walk all the way back  and get changed again. No. I’m just too comfortable sitting in my room right now.

All my plans were spoiled. I canceled my movie plan last night and I have to cancel my jogging plan today. SIGH! Probably I should go for a swim!

I wonder if someone will do something about the frequently flooded road in the near future. Yes, probably in the next election, when they are trying to fish for votes. Even if that’s the case, I still need to pray that it is flooded during election time.

Useless Yang Bodoh = Doing nothing until erection election time = Flooded roads all the time

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Chinese New Year Eve

It was a wet night. It did not deter me from going out though. My one and only destination -cinema. I went out rather early- 9.00pm despite the movie started 10.45pm.

I was actually worrying bout parking space and the cinema may be crowded. My assumption was not too precise though. Yes, I prepared for that too. I brought a book with me and spent 90 minutes in McDonald reading it.

high water levelWater level was slightly high.

2009 All's Well End's WellI watched 2009: All’s Well End’s Well. It’s a movie everyone must watch. Very entertaining and hilarious! I’m going to buy the DVD for my movie collection – for some laughs at home when I’m bored.

smokeThe movie ended around 12.20am. I was planning to catch another movie- Underworld: Rise of The Lycans. However the cinema was deserted and was preparing to close down although the movie was scheduled to run at 12.45am. Never mind. I’ll be here again tomorrow night for it. I was surprised when I walked out of the cinema; the town was enveloped by smoke! Yes, it was smoke from the firecrackers.

smoke againOur swan was chocked by the smoke.
Well, that’s how a Chinese New Year supposed to be!

Chinese New Year = Firecrackers = smoke

Yes, firecracker was banned but Chinese New Year will not be complete without the noise of firecrackers. Just like the kind of akward I felt when I woke up early in the morning without heard the rooster’s call. Something was missing. And it feels not very right!! Okay, okay, let’s forget about the roosters. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!!


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Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s New Year! For Chinese all over the world. Hurray!

Time passed in a blink of an eye and the future become the present and soon the present turns into history again. No wonder they used to say time and tide wait for no man.

How was your year 2008? Were you happy? Satisfied? Did you achieve your dreams?

Year 2008 was a very blessed year for me. I learned a great deal of what I called as ‘life’s experience’. The most important one I learned was to accept life as it is. Of course to accept bluntly is impossible. I learned to accept it with prayers and grace of God.

First half of the year was a painful one- I had back pain and it was getting worst as days passed. The second half of the year was a less painful one. The source of the pain was identified and I was cured for once and for all- through a major operation.

I was actually preparing to perish. Not that I gave up but I was way too naive, and optimistic. Huh? I thought I may not be able to make through the major surgery and immediately soon when I woke up, it’s my judgment day. It’s a painless death, coz I was anesthetized, and hey, who won’t want a painless death!

I was way too surprised to woke up, found myself still here. Duh! I must say that I was reborn again. I was in bed for couple of weeks,  then learned how to walk, take my first bath after my wounds were all healed and finally back to home sweet home. In the process I met a lot of new friends. It was a hectic period for my parents. Why not, I turned into a big baby again! Haha!

I am ever thankful to all church members who prayed for me and kept vigil for me on my operation day. I thank them for never cease to pray for me, until today. Same to my friends who gave me support during my those troubled days. I will always pray for you all too!

The end of year 2008 turned to be a painful period for me. More painful than all the scars I ever got on my body. My beloved pet perished – Little Tom. The pain is still right here, in my heart till today.

Year 2008 was also the year I made the most new friend and acquaintances. They made my life more beautiful and interesting. I never met some of them but I always look forward to hear from them.

Not to forget it was also the year I took the longest holidays in my life. Almost 6 months of holiday from work. It changed my working landscape utterly after I resumed office. I had a new boss and now, another newer and bigger boss.

I came back as a more friendlier and playful person.I guess it was because those playful genes I had in secondary school had woke up from it’s long dormancy. This made my work place an absolutely fun place to be at. You won’t trust me if I told you I used to be a very shy person when I was younger- to an extend that I don’t ever dare to order myself a kampua!

What should I do to celebrate this New Year Eve? Too much of them! One sure thing is I’m going to the cinema tonight and catch a couple of movies! Yeah!

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