Happy Chinese New Year!

January 25, 2009 at 6:46 pm 2 comments

It’s New Year! For Chinese all over the world. Hurray!

Time passed in a blink of an eye and the future become the present and soon the present turns into history again. No wonder they used to say time and tide wait for no man.

How was your year 2008? Were you happy? Satisfied? Did you achieve your dreams?

Year 2008 was a very blessed year for me. I learned a great deal of what I called as ‘life’s experience’. The most important one I learned was to accept life as it is. Of course to accept bluntly is impossible. I learned to accept it with prayers and grace of God.

First half of the year was a painful one- I had back pain and it was getting worst as days passed. The second half of the year was a less painful one. The source of the pain was identified and I was cured for once and for all- through a major operation.

I was actually preparing to perish. Not that I gave up but I was way too naive, and optimistic. Huh? I thought I may not be able to make through the major surgery and immediately soon when I woke up, it’s my judgment day. It’s a painless death, coz I was anesthetized, and hey, who won’t want a painless death!

I was way too surprised to woke up, found myself still here. Duh! I must say that I was reborn again. I was in bed for couple of weeks,  then learned how to walk, take my first bath after my wounds were all healed and finally back to home sweet home. In the process I met a lot of new friends. It was a hectic period for my parents. Why not, I turned into a big baby again! Haha!

I am ever thankful to all church members who prayed for me and kept vigil for me on my operation day. I thank them for never cease to pray for me, until today. Same to my friends who gave me support during my those troubled days. I will always pray for you all too!

The end of year 2008 turned to be a painful period for me. More painful than all the scars I ever got on my body. My beloved pet perished – Little Tom. The pain is still right here, in my heart till today.

Year 2008 was also the year I made the most new friend and acquaintances. They made my life more beautiful and interesting. I never met some of them but I always look forward to hear from them.

Not to forget it was also the year I took the longest holidays in my life. Almost 6 months of holiday from work. It changed my working landscape utterly after I resumed office. I had a new boss and now, another newer and bigger boss.

I came back as a more friendlier and playful person.I guess it was because those playful genes I had in secondary school had woke up from it’s long dormancy. This made my work place an absolutely fun place to be at. You won’t trust me if I told you I used to be a very shy person when I was younger- to an extend that I don’t ever dare to order myself a kampua!

What should I do to celebrate this New Year Eve? Too much of them! One sure thing is I’m going to the cinema tonight and catch a couple of movies! Yeah!


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A Morning At The Marketplace Chinese New Year Eve

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  • 1. le chat  |  February 1, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    “Before God entrusts a man with arduous task, He shall distress his mind, tire his physique, famish his body, deprive him of his possessions, and frustrate his endeavors, so as to strengthen his resolve, fortify his mettle, and enhance his powers.”

    ~Mencius (372BC-289BC).

  • 2. rhealk  |  February 4, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Wow… thats sounds… TOUGH!
    Nonetheless I’m in the midst of it… now.

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