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Not Ordinary But Extra@rdinary

If you think this is an ordinary cat….

meow~then you’re WRONG. Look closer…

3 legsIt’s a cat with 3 legs.

DIY calendarIf you think this calendar is an ordinary one… you’re wrong again. Look closer… it’s a DIY calendar.

TigerIf you think this is another ordinary cat… you’re wrong again. It’s my pretty friend’s cat called Tiger. He have BAD breath! Other than that he’s a cute, loving, playful and adorable cat. I had just played with him. He likes to bite my hand. Guess you had figured out how I know he had bad breath.

BradYes, you’re wrong again. This is Brad, my own kitten. He’s growing up to become like Tiger. Yes, he’s extraordinary because I’m going to teach him to eat Tic Tac so that he won’t have bad breath.

That's me!Yes, this is not just an ordinary photo. It was taken by a pretty lady and if you think it was my graduation, you’re half correct. It’s  a special graduation held in hospital and I’m the only student who graduated. The rest of them who stand beside me graduated too, but in UNIMAS. It’s just not an ordinary graduation in hospital… simply because I was so fat at that time. Those standing beside me are not just ordinary friend of mine, they’re also my family. From left to right:  My brother in law, my brother, my wife and my father in law. Hahaha. If you believe what I said in the last sentence, you must believe that you’re not just an ordinary reader…

Last but not the least, to someone (who always thought she’s pretty) who still treat me as extraordinary… thank you. Currently I have too much extraordinary things around me till I have no more room to keep another someone special beside me. I believe you’ll understand and it takes you to be extraordinary to understand what I’m trying to tell you.

Oh, it’s 11.32pm. Time to sleep!

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Latest Trend – Black

Ever since Obama became Us’ first black president, black suddenly is everyone’s favourite colour. People started to dye their hair black, paint their eyes black, wear black panties and many more. This includes me.

SexYTo be black is not difficult at all. All I need to do is swim under the sun for 90 minutes. Let’s say goodbye to my fair skin.

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