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This word is never a new word in my dictionary.

In my secondary school, I read about people dying of leukemia in story books. After all, that was a story.

When I was in university, people forwarded mails about leukemia patient in chain mail. After all, that was for fun. Break the chain and you are suspected to be bad luck for the next seven years.

Today, I understood the definition of leukemia. I saw him with my own eyes.

A child so tender and innocent, just about 11 months old, is suffering from leukemia. When I look into his eyes, all I saw was a soul so pure. His smile, for those who saw how sweet it is, was a heart wrenching one. So sweet in the eyes yet so agony in the soul, when knowing the disease is slowly sucking the life away from him.

There is nothing I could do but to pray for him. And to pray for all those who needs it- all who are sick, in agony, and in dying bed.

Somehow it reminds me again, in this life, what is the correct thing which I should go after. No, not the gold, not the wealth and not anything from this fragile and temporary world.

Am I strong enough to be able to let go my worldly dream and to go after the real treasure?


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