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The World Left Behind and The New World

Today is Ching Ming, a Chinese traditional festival to visit the graves of the deceased. It is a mourning day, a day where we stood before someone whom we once loved dearly, or hated, or unforgiven. The only difference was their earthly remain have turn back into dust, the very dust that God blew life into. For them, this is the world that they left behind. Their worries of the once global warming and wars may had turned into either if they are able to get out from the hot fire of purgatory or how long they are going to suffer in the hell fire. 

I joined the mass at cemetery in the morning. It was raining, heavily before the mass started, slowed down as the mass commenced and turned heavy again as the mass ended. After all, it was a new experience, my first mass in a cemetery, with umbrella, rain and wind. The only difference between me and other attendees was, I have no one whom I know rest in that cemetery. I just a passerby who joined the mass to pray for those forgotten souls.

The mass brought me nearer to the reality- that those whom I love are going to leave me one day later, and myself, too, is going to leave someone whom I love behind. Then the message is clear- love them while I still can, before they turn into dust, and to pray for them, and myself too, before it’s too late.

This Lent season was a meaningful one for me- I learnt how to forgive, and I felt ever closer to God. I joined Stations of the Cross for the first time and I finally able to forgive all those I hate. Forgive but not forget. Sometimes there’s just people who are born to irritate others. The only thing I can do with these people is to be patience with them and to avoid too much unnecessary contact with them. Too much friction will spark fire in later days.

Back at home, in the evening, my Pokemon cat gave birth to 4 kittens. She insisted me to accompany her when she began her labour, so I just stayed to give her moral support. She is luckier than some other human mothers, whom secretively give labour and abandon their babies everywhere they think appropriate. To those kittens, this is their new world, out from their mother’s safe and protective womb, into this fierce and unfriendly world. Fierce and unfriendly? Is that real? Unfortunately, almost real.

Later, I went for a Tom Yam treat with 2 old friends. Yes, they admit the hot Tom Yam is really hot.

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Ran for 7km today within 60 minutes. Quite an achievement for myself but still far from my target of 10km within 60 minutes.

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